1971 UTA Rut Geub was born in Freiburg, Germany

1977 She starts painting when she was six years old

1988 - 1992 She starts studying Art and Design in Germany. It is then when she develops and improves her technique.

1977 She starts painting when she was six years old

1992 - 1999 The adventurous spirit of the artist, and her constant search of knowledge and new techniques make her travel around Europe. In this long trip she will learn about the pictorial essence from each place, at the same time that she improves her own technique. In chronological order she visits the North of Italy, Zurich (Switzerland), Amsterdam (Holland), New York, the French region of Alsatia and the South of Spain.

1996 - 1998 - 2000 She starts her career and has some exhibitions. She is highly influenced by great authors such as Robert Rauschenberg and Andy Warhol. Her paintings are abstract. Her first exhibition is in Mercedes-Benz, Stuttgart, Germany, and the ones following are in the J.F. Byrnes Institute, Stuttgart, Germany, and at Toktumee Gallery, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA.

2002 From her long trip, Andalusia is the place she likes the most, so she opens her study in Cadiz. Shortly afterwards she makes her first exhibition in the Ateneo in Sanlucar de Barrameda, Cadiz.

2003 It is now when she really finds her own style, Pop Cubism. Little by little she opens her way through all the villages in Cadiz. At the beginning of the year she wins the competition for the poster announcing the Carnival in Chipiona. In August she organizes an exhibition in the House of Culture in the same village, and another one in Cano Bookstore, in Sanlucar de Barrameda.

2004 The good experience she had after her trips make her organize two new exhibitions, in March in the Animation and Fine Art Gallery in North Carolina, and in June in ARTIVM Art Gallery in Zurich. She considers Switzerland one of the strongest values for present day painting. Her effort and illusion make this year a great period for her, as she exhibits at the Cultural and Congresses Room in Hotel Guadalquivir and at the Club Jockey Association of Horse Racing, both in Sanlucar de Barrameda. In September and following her projection she exhibits at the Centro Cultural Caja San Fernando in Jerez de la Frontera, finishing the year with another two exhibitions at Tartarenos Art Gallery, Sanlucar de Barrameda and at the SICAB in Seville.

2005 After a short break she starts exhibiting again. It is in May and June when she shows her paintings at the Artivm Art Gallery, in Zurich. In August she goes back to Sanlucar de Barrameda where she exhibits at the Ducal Palace in Medina Sidonia and the Tartarenos Art Gallery 4. Later this year she retires to her study to prepare the exhibition to be held the following year.

2006 More and more she is commissioned for her paintings, not only from Organizations but also from private people. It is in April when she exhibits at the Sala de Exposiciones at the Ateneo in Seville. Here she presents an exhibition of paintings by Velazquez but following her own style. It is a very successful event and it becomes the turning point for her establishment as a painter. In August she shows her paintings at the Museum for the Manzanilla at Bodegas Barbadillo. It is here where I saw her paintings for the first time. I had met her a short time before, and it was then when I realized I had not met only an excellent person, but also a great artist. Shortly afterwards I send her a note trying to describe what her paintings had meant to me: […]as you approach her paintings you get surprised by the stroke of her painting […] as they can describe a horse rider and they are her signature as the end of a great painting[…]. I was lucky she included it in the Uta x 4 catalogue for the following exhibition at the Sala Compañía in Jerez de la Frontera. Part of the prologue was written by her friend Luisa I. Álvarez de Toledo, President for the Casa de Medina Sidonia Foundation: […]the first time I saw one of Uta’s paintings two things came to my mind, colour and movement. Afterwards I discovered strength and irony. Everything in the right dose. There is a strange simbiosis of the German racionalism mixed up with the bright and disorganized spontaneity from Andalusia. Uta observes, picks up sensations and captures everything giving it a life that we, poor normal people cannot find and cannot discover[…]. Julián Gutierrez, Culture Delegate for the Jerez Town Hall wrote about her: Uta picks up the old-fashioned spirit and the Spanish art with innocent eyes. Her paintings ooze a virginity, a lack of prejudice which surprise those who look at them[…].

2007 Her growing popularity, and consecuently increase of assignments make her exhibit only in August at the Bodegas Pedro Romero, in Sanlucar de Barrameda for the exhibition Viña de Dios, for whose catalogue Enrique Barrero (President of the Ateneo in Seville) writes: […]she makes a poetic painting, which is tradition, recreation and illusion for what is coming at the same time[…]. Her love for animals and her constant paintings of horses and horse riders is what make her be the person in charge of painting the poster for the Horse Races for the Hippodrome of Pineda in Seville.

2008 The Ateneo in Seville entrusts her the calendar for this year, with a print run of more than 5,000 units. Her success with the previous poster for the horse races are the basis for her to be entrusted with the poster for the races at the Gran Hipódromo in Andalusia, sited in Dos Hermanas, Seville. As she has become one of the painters with the best projection in the country she is entrusted with the poster for the SICAB 2009, and the poster for the Spring Festivities in Seville, which will be presented in the second half of November.

2009 At the beginning of this year, the prestigious IAT, placed on the Isla de la Cartuja, Seville, entrusted her with a mural to be exposed inside their building (measures 7.5mx3m). This work is considered as one of the most important ones within the restoration project of the building, which is being undertaken nowadays. The opening is planned for September 2009. Her activity does not stop, and on 6th March, she opens the exposition ‘Trayecto de la Obra’, in the gallery Nuevo Arte in Seville. She offers in it, for the first time in her career, the possibility of admiring sketches of all her works, all of them created during her stay in Andalusia.