Andalusian Institute of Technology Mural's Opening

Firmament - Above all things, Heaven, not an atmospheric heaven, divine or aeronautical heaven, but a categorical and initiatory Heaven for all imaginable possibilities in the world where man is lord, but where he must learn to be a simple occupant. Above the supreme puerile clouds from the paintress brush, the triangular Eye observes everything, powers everything and judges all. The garnet mouth beyond breathes a near side wind, to start turning the wheel of Life.And it starts with multicolored raindrops falling with graceful happiness of all beginings. On this air curtains, the proud men's hand, his science and technique, so capable. The Zeppelin airship (blimps to the Supreme Eye), the gear wheels (rotating at the same time as the wind blows), the blades of a windmill (which on his Trinitarian work describes perfection of the genetic circle, genesis). This picture rises a suspecion that Homo sapiens is, in fact, an Homo notarius, a faithful copyist of nature. Although man, on the ground, strives to deny it. The right gear is also a large magnifying glass, one of its uncompleted semicircles above and the other in the middle part of the triptych. Let's look first at the upper semicircle. Behind of transparency of the lens, the drops become a chemical formula, the microscopic blue cells in a curly string of DNA. And so, after this intelligent human look, Life flows..., vertically pours into our world where ocean and firmament looks at face to face.

Land & Sea - In the two lower parts of the triptych, a duality is evident, first in Water and Earth and then in two abysmal underworlds with its fire in the deepest magma. The large researcher lens discovers lighting molecules with polygonal shapes of systematic hive, whose cells are adjusted by a mechanic key invented by man, image and resemblance of invertebrate perfection. From the higher for seedlings olives emerge carbon dioxide and oxygen, face and back of Life. Now we understand that those wheels of the work's heart are not independent, they are connected through systole and diastole of their gear, like the three Fortune's wheels whose symbol looks with contemplative owl eyes, night bird of luck and wisdom, on a branch of the Tree of Life. What the lad see, men see it too: the magnet power of a large horseshoe that conveys the dynamism of the heights from the sap that has to become olives, for example, although the sample is not random but exemplary, of course, constituent of other triptych, vivid and vegetal, with corn across the Atlantic and the vine from across the ages. Opposite, and in the amphibious limit the picture, the smaller wheel and the ultimate one, in wich core peers the six-pointed star, also a snowflake, or the icon that our technology has made it. At the same height of land, a sailboat cuts through the waves that softens as we descend our look and water power. On one of the sails, not just the wind that Alberti poeticized, also the Galileo's meter that measures the proportion that nature allows on the salty blue water. In other words, art and technology at the high tide strains.

Underworlds - Under the boat's keel, the ranges of the science, guided by the shaft of its pole. As the roots of the olive tree are lost in the depths of time inside the earth, tied to the hourglass that radiates yellow light like an underground lighthouse, the pole of the ship structures the safloor to its abyssal roots. Being the Ecuator of this parallelism, the concentric circles in the Earth nucleus, like a reverse sun in the depths of the Inner Fire of Mother Earth. The beams of light and shadow in the waters sparkle onto a submarine, that the seahorses and colorful fish approach because it is not a killing machine, but a technical device of the endless human curiosity. Over all, the fishnet that carries the boat leads the initials of the Andalusian Institute of Technology, a halfway between science and art is not afraid to be reflected in a concave mirror of nature and art. At the other end, a detail we peer: a tangle of tiny ropes hanging from the clock whose sands of time we do not know how fast it will go down. Recall that the strength of a chain is on its weakest link and, in this case, the fortress of the olive tree with all its absorbent magnet from the whole sky, is tied only to that thread of Life beneath the surface of consciousness, above the aquifers where grow and develop roots and conch. Further down still, the tunnel, not known if weather or science and with no roots, to which we can only lead the imagination. Anyway, to that tunnel carries us our technological quest on railroads that ventures into the unknown or on a chessboard of which only a portion peeps and some missing pieces in the night of times.

TEXTO: Álvaro Romero Bernal

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Photos & Video: Raul Díaz